Smart house system: innovations for your comfort and safety


Spend your time doing something nice and enjoying your life… And high-tech smart house system will make the all your housework!

  • Are you often worried about the iron, which you could forget to switch off?
  • Are you alarmed of your curious children, who perennially are so interested to shove their fingers in any socket?
  • Do you want to know, who come to your home, and is everything ok?

The smart house system will provide you easement and safety. It will be really helper for you and your family!

What are the capabilities of smart house system?

Smart house – it is the innovative system, which has unified control block, which gives an opportunity to integrate all the communications in the house or apartments in the one. The artificial intelligence manages of the all of them. You should only tune it for you needs and preferences.

The heating control

You tune comfortable temperature regimes for a period of your presence and absence at home. The system controls the switching itself.

The auto ventilation and air conditioning

The hood will switch itself, when you go out of the bath-room. The air conditioner will regulate the enjoyable temperature.

The security and fire alarm

When the system detects any invasion by outliers or a smoke, the alarm will make a signal to the necessary office. Your apartments are always safe!

The remote monitoring and CCTV

You can watch your house remote. It is very important, when your children are alone at home.

The access control

Smart house provides coherent work of the Access Control System (ACS).

The lighting regulation

The street lighting switching on according to visibility conditions in the yard. The interior lighting – when you are in the room. You don’t need to remember about switching on/off the light.

The energy consumption regulation

The system distributes the mains load, manages the UPS and the diesel generators.

The control of the pumping station

The system manages work of the sewerage station. Also you can nice by rest, because your plants are watered automatically.

The daylight regulation

The system can open and close the curtains or jalousie itself in according to the time of day.

5 arguments for smart house system


The saving of time

Are you spending a lot of time for reheating food, switching on/off the light, watering the plants, the heating and air conditioning control? It is better to spend it with family, friends or hobby, when all this work is doing by the system.


The saving nearby 35% of family finances

Thanks to the smart house system, you can use electricity, heating and water rationally and to save nearby 35% on utilities.


When your home is nanny

You can see what are doing your children, when you aren’t at home. It gives an opportunity to protect them against different ill-fated adventures. Unwanted telecasts will switch off, the sockets and circuits will be disconnected etc.



The systems of the safety are on the alert. If they notice something suspicious, they will instantly give a signal to the necessary services.


New entertainment

You have an access to the all of the media points in your house. And it is not important, where you are.

Feel all the excellences of smart house now! Don’t carry about your everyday routine and enjoy of spending your time with your close people!