“Smart Home”

Your house or apartment is a place of rest. Do you want to have home automation system?

The whole world confidently and quickly moves to the automation processes. The same thing applies to home supply lines, which we are ready to automate for you as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can relax and do household chores while the home automation system will take care of the processes,that create the atmosphere of comfort,coziness and warmth.

We integrate the management of all systems into one device.

Just 1 touch, 1 pressing or 1 click. Devices, with help of which we automate home supply lines work for 24/7. Your task is to make your choice. What do you need more? Turn on/off lights, control the security system, raise or lower the louvers, etc. Buy a “smart house” can be in Kiev at a reasonable price.

Devices, which are necessary for the “Smart Home”

Motion and lighting sensors

Script Control Devices

Touch panel
сенсорная панель системы умный дом для квартиры
Multimedia panel

Video display and video station

Why a home automation is so important?

First of all, it`s your comfort. You can manage various communications and functions with the help of one or several devices. Just imagine, that you can control the lighting or heating of the house only having a phone, a tablet or a sensor pannel. Choose a devise and we are always ready to propose the most rational solutions for the tasks.We undertake the installation and installation of the “Smart House” system on a turn-key basis.

What can you control in the house/apartment?



Multimedia players


Security system

Home Theater

We`ll create for you a unique home automation system that will function accurately, smoothly and besides it, you`ll get the maximum of pleasure and benefit every day.