Renovation and construction

Why renovation or construction is similar to a cataclysm?

The conduct of construction work or renovation is definetly similar to a cataclysm. Besides, all working moments without any exception become your headache. Where is to purchase the material? What material to choose? How to make everything technically correct? Where get a purchase discount for economy of money? And this is only a small part of the questions, which shouldn`t bother you. If you don`t want to wake up with the thought of next problem about renovation or construction of an object, entrust all process to professionals. We`ll make renovation or carry out the construction works in the minimal and in advance of stipulated term. Time is one of the most valuable resources, like money and you`ll get double savings with our team .

Problems that would be solved immediately

Each object can have its own problems: old supply lines, flaws in the previous furnish, floors that should be renovated,etc. Everything could be solved no matter what the problem is. We study the object in details, make technical documentation and sign a cooperation agreement with the customer before the start of a working process. Besides, our company undertake responsibility for the result and provide a warranty service at all stages of the work.

8 stages of work with your object

floor, old partitions, etc.

rough dress work
thick paint, plasterwork,strainer etc.

finishing of the object
wallpaper hanging, plaster decorating, laying of the floor, etc.

conducting a cable route
heating,water supply,drainage etc.

installation of windows and doors on your request

installation of windows and doors on your request
floor heating, climate control
установка сантехники ярлык
installation of plumbing fixtures

room decorating and arranging the furniture

Renovation and construction works on a “turnkey” basis

You can entrust us with “turnkey” renovation and construction works ,where each stage is controlled by our technical staff. We have been working with time-proven subcontracts for years, so we are ready to execute a project of any complexity in the requested time.

What can we offer you in the process of work?

  • direct material supply at wholesale prices
  • a team of professionals, who perform their job perfectly
  • warranty and after-sales service
  • construction supervision for free in case of ordering a “turnkey” works
  • competent optimization of expenses (purchase of building materials, decor, furniture)
  • development of an exclusive design project
  • architectural replanning (if necessary) in compliance with all technical regulations

We are ready to start work in the near future, and you always can come to our office in order to discuss the details.

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