Interior design in Kiev

How to make design interior properly and stylishly?

Interior design is the basis in the process of construction and renovation works. Do you want to see the design in certain shades, with certain shapes, materials, decor elements and furniture? How exactly do you see the interior design?

Having expressed your wishes you`ll receive the embodiment of your idea into reality in the smallest details.We know how to implement even the most complex concepts. If you want something special, trust to our specialists.We will develop a design project, that won`t have analogues. A real exclusive for your home, apartment or office.

Individual design project

How to use every square meter of space rationally? The solution of this issue is the task of our specialists. You`ll receive the plan solution with competent usage of space in the finished design project.

Maybe you want to change layout of the accommodation?

This task is also could be carried out by our specialists. The redevelopment of the accommodation is often not only changes it, but also frees space for rational usage. For example, you`ll have space for a spacious dressing room, your bathroom could become wider or several rooms could be integrated in one ( also it could be integration of two apartments).

3D visualization of the interior

3D visualization is one of the most important stages in the development of a design project. You may have doubts about the choice of color scheme, the texture of decor and furniture, but it will disappear when our experts create for you a 3D visualization with work on the interior elements.

3 reasons to create 3D visualization of the interior

Elimination of errors during the purchase of materials

Elimination of errors in choosing a color scheme

Elimination of errors during the purchase of furniture and décor

Cost estimating and purchasing materials

Among our suppliers are only the best manufacturers of building materials and decor elements. We purchase everything,that is necessary for the implementation of your design project at wholesale prices and undertake the transportation and storage. In addition, decor elements can be created on a customer`s request in the shortest possible time.

How do we work on creating a design project?

  • arranging a meeting at the office of our company “StroyFormula”
  • finding out all customer`s preference concerning the concept of the design project (getting of the technical task from the customer)
  • clarifying all questions and forming the final technical assignment for our specialists
  • signing of the official cooperation contract
  • preperation of all documents: drawings, plans, estimates, etc.
  • beginning of work on the project according to to the terms, stipulated in the contract

Call us right now to arrange a meeting for discussion of the cooperation. Your design project will be created in the minimum and necessary term for you. Everything will be done exclusively and creative.