Engineering procurement

Completion of construction projects – this is the most optimal option for the supply of construction. To create a unique design project, to pick up and purchase finishing and building materials, to check the quality of the work of builders – all this is very difficult to do alone. Therefore, it is best to contact the professional masters of the assembly of construction objects and order an individual project “on a turn-key basis”. This will give a guarantee to the client that all necessary works will be performed in a high-quality and timely manner, and the building materials will be selected only the best.

The separate purchase of materials at the best price will be done for your project.

Are you looking for building materials, decor or furniture at the best price? We`ll order everything you need for your property at a partner price,that you won`t find on the retail and even on the wholesale markets. Partner agreements with domestic and foreign manufacturers allow us to make purchases for our customers at the best prices in Ukraine.

Quality control before each purchase

You may need constructional or decorate materials, decoration or furniture.We check the correspondence of its with the quality standards before the purchase.We offer you only those materials, which we are sure about. We have been cooperating with suppliers for more than10 years, and therefore it`s reliable partnership for years. Moreover, products fully meets the European quality standards.

How do we choose the products for you?

Receiving of request

Communication with our suppliers

Choice of everything the customer needs on request

Purchase at the best price

Delivery of goods to the object in the shortest possible time

Unique offer and discounts

The information, which isn`t in free accesses, always can be received from our company. If you are looking for a particular building material and want to make a purchase at a discount, contact us. We`ll find the best offer among our suppliers at the time of the request and ensure timely delivery of everything you need to the facility.

What are the benefits of purchasing in StroyFormula?

  • Well coordinated logistics
  • Selection of materials on request
  • A wide range of goods on request
  • Discounts and the best offer from trusted suppliers
  • Only those brands in which we are confident
  • Availability of goods in our own warehouse

We work with physical and legal bodies. Please fill out the application form below if you want to resolve the issue with the supply of materials quickly. Save your own time and money.