Privacy policy

Privacy policy. Data collection

The company “Stroy Formula” doesn`t provide customer`s data to third parties. You agree with the security policy of the “Stroy Formula” company and give permission for the usage of data (exclusively to our company in the professional activities) by leaving a request on our web-site. We act under the current legislation of Ukraine (the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Personal Data” and Article 12 “Collection of Personal Data”).

Privacy policy. Data collection

We guarantee the safety of your personal data (name, surname, phone number, e-mail) during of the application. The data can only be used to notify customer about the company’s discounts, latest news,consultancy and details on the order (Article 5. “Conditions of personal data processing”).

Privacy policy. Copyright

All information, which is available on the web-site, belongs to the “Stroy Formula” company .In case of using the information from the web-site, the source of information must be indicated. In case of usage the information from the web-site without specifying the source, we have the right to act within the current legislation of Ukraine (Article 1255. Copyright).

Privacy policy. Force Majeure

In the case of a site hacking or any other hacker attacks, we are not responsible for customer data.